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Every day I look forward to several different routine events with both of my children. With my first born, affectionately referred to as Monkey Boy, I look forward to discussions about various television shows that he loves (i.e. Dinosaur Train or Word World), reading books, rocking him after his nap (a sweet leftover from his toddler and baby days), and listening to various songs that he creates about random super heroes. With the Mush Man, my newborn, I of course enjoy his active moments throughout the day, even though at times I feel like a live in bar tender for Charlie Sheen; however, my most favorite moment of the day with Mush Man is definitely our nightly walks.

I had always wanted to go on long walks with the Monkey Boy when he was little; however, the Monkey Boy had a strong aversion to any and all devices made for transportation. I would try to go on small walks with him, but typically ended up becoming stressed out by the whole event because I was always just waiting for him to have a meltdown that would leave me either racing to get home or cursing at the stroller as I lugged it in one arm and the Monkey Boy in the other.

I don’t know where exactly I heard about baby-wearing, but somewhere within the depths of the internet, I saw a picture of a woman wearing some type of carrier. What caught my attention was that this carrier did not look like a sling that came from some exotic country, which by the way I think are beautiful. Those slings had always seemed so complex to me; however, this is coming from a person that didn’t learn how to properly lace shoes until she worked at a shoe store. For the record, I could tie them long before that. Anyway, my interest was sparked and I began paying attention to blogs and Facebook pages that discussed them.

I learned a lot of things about baby carriers. I learned that baby-wearingmothers view the practice like a cross between a classical art and a high endurance sport. You have to have the right materials to get the job done right. Most notably, I remember one evening at an online daily deal’s Facebook page that literally turned into a blood sport. The website featured a deal on a carrier. I was still under the impression at that time that all carriers were basically alike, so you can imagine my surprise when women practically began spouting obscenities at the featured product, and its buyers, because it was (and I quote) “ A CROTCH DANGLER.” I felt like a person walking into a spa only to discover that I was in one of those Thai massage parlors that offer “happy endings.” These women went nuts! A few highlights from the array of comments:
That product smothers babies!
You will break your baby’s spine in that thing!
I would never let my child suffer in something like that!
You (company offering the product) should feel ashamed of yourselves! Die! Die! Die!
This, I will admit, turned me off from the idea of 
baby-wearing mainly because I imagined that the act of wearing a baby had somehow made all of these seemingly normal women crazy enough to berate other women they had never met over a purchase. Imagine if people did this at Target?

Somehow I was sucked back into the idea of baby-wearing, and I am glad that I was. When my son hit about 4 weeks, I began putting him in the carrier, which for anyone who was worrying or wondering is not a “crotch dangler,” so that I could accomplish the household basics like cleaning and spending time with the Monkey Boy. Remember the phrase “woo saw” from Bad Boys 2 ( the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence film)? The carrier was my baby’s woo saw. In fact, I bet that if they made adult carriers, they would be called woo saws because the effect they have on infants is sublime.

When I got cleared to exercise, I began taking the Mush Man in the woo saw for my walks, and I loved them a million times more than I ever imagined I could. It may sound strange, but walking with my baby close to me felt incredible. It made me slow down. It made my whole body and mind slow down. I was no longer walking and thinking about what I needed to do, but instead walking and just being. I paid attention to the sun setting, the wind blowing through the tree branches (yes, I literally paid attention to this), the color and varieties of birds in the sky, and I of course paid attention to my baby. I listened to his cooing noises as he looked up and took in the whole world around him. It was amazing. He could have been crying furiously, but the minute his tiny bum hit the carrier, it was like he stepped into another world; a world of beauty and peace. And when he entered that other world, so did I. Walking a mile or two was no longer a chore, but instead a wonderful luxury. A luxury I look forward to lavishing in every day, rain or shine. Just me, the Mush Man and the woo saw.


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Conscience Parenting is all about parenting with a clean conscience.  Parents are often put into a multitude of parenting situations that they are unsure of how to deal with, and often times leave the situation wondering if the choices they made were best.  As a new mother without the coveted, mythical childrearing manual, I felt like I spent a lot of time feeling guilty about the parenting choices I was making for my child; however, as I began going to school for my teaching degree, all of that changed.

Through copious amounts of education coursework, time spent as a teaching assistant, substitute teaching, student teaching and eventually teaching my own classroom, I learned how to parent with a happy conscience.  I realized that there was an excellent childrearing manual and it wasn’t fake!  It was just hidden within educational philosophy and coursework!

As my confidence grew in my parenting choices, particularly in the area of discipline, I watched as my child blossomed into a happy, self confident and successful preschooler.  I quickly realized, however, that my child would respond to my parenting style and technique in a completely different manner than he did with my husband’s style.  I wouldn’t have paid much attention to it until I realized that mine was beneficial to our child and his was unfortunately not so much.  I watched and observed how my husband would handle situations, particularly those associated with discipline.  It was hard at times because it seemed as though more often than not he was failing and was left with a feeling of frustration and discontent.  These feelings were reciprocated by our son.

Finally, I began sharing my psycho-babble parenting mumbo jumbo with him, and to my surprise… HE APPRECIATED IT!  He told me that I had to remember that he had not had all of the experiences with early childhood tots that I had, and so he was basically mimicking what his own parents had done with him.  Thus, the idea for a blog and hopefully someday a book was born.  It is my hope to create insight into parenting and discipline for parents who feel like they are stabbing in the dark or are simply plagiarizing what their own parents did.

My blogs are personal and unique to my own experiences and observations both as a mother and teacher.  I cannot promise that readers will agree with all that I write; however, I can promise to provide authentic insight into common situations, which will at the very least make you laugh.  Hopefully, you will come back more and more to laugh, learn and enjoy.  Here’s to a happy, healthy parenting conscience!

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This article was published on 2011/07/22