Dog carrier – the trendiest way to travel with dogs

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Pet owners have gotten so attached with their pets that they would want to be with them almost all the time. As much as possible, a pet owner would bring his or her dog along while on the road. And to make sure that his or her pet is kept safe round the clock, a dog carrier should be used to properly and safely transport dogs. Originally pet carriers are plain and pretty boring, the designs are not so appealing that pet owners just resort to improvising carriers for their dogs; they used different types of containers, cages, even old back packs were tapped for this purpose. Today, dog lovers and enthusiasts have released different types of dog carriers that would make even the sheepish looking dog look like a million bucks. Hollywood stars who are fond of their pets even order customized designer pet carriers for their cute little or maybe bigger dogs.

Dog carriers are offered with several styles depending on how the owner would want to transport his or her dog. The first type is the backpack dog carriers, which is patterned after the traditional backpack that kids use for school. This type of dog carrier is perfect for hiking and camping trips. This carrier is also great for small to medium sized dogs.

Legs out dog carrier is somewhat similar in concept with the backpack carrier, the only difference is that dogs can freely move their legs because there is a specific space for the legs to be placed out. This is also perfect for hiking and long bike rides. Like the backpack carrier, this type will work best for small to medium sized dogs.

For frequent flyers, a pet owner can get an airline approved dog carrier, which has its own set of wheels and has a retractable handle, perfect for tagging the dog along. The materials used are airline approved and are based on the standards set by airline companies.

There is also a type of dog carrier that looks like a duffel bag; this is called the soft-sided carrier. This is very light and can be easily folded because of the ultra soft pads that are inside the bag. This is great for pets who are either to heavy or too active to carry around in a back pack.

There is also a type perfect for bikers or people who use bikes to go around the village or the community; it’s called bicycle dog carrier. The carrier has sections or slots which an owner can slip or attach onto the bike handles to keep the bag from moving too much. Straps are also provided to keep the dogs inside the basket-like bag all the time.

For a more high-end and fashionable style, designer dog carriers are also available. However, these carriers are expensive. One good thing about designer dog carriers is that pet owners can have the bags customized; the carrier can have a unique print, name tag or fabric based on the specifications of the owner.

For bigger and heavier dogs, the hard plastic dog carriers would work best. These dog carriers have a more contoured bodies and walls made from very durable plastic. This type of dog carrier is also easy to use and store because of its collapsible body.

Currently, the number of malls, stores, parks and other establishments that accept pets as guests has greatly increased, so this gives no reason for pet owners to leave their pets at home anymore. Having a dog carrier is one of the best things that any pet lover should have to keep their precious dogs safe.

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Dog carrier – the trendiest way to travel with dogs

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This article was published on 2011/05/13